Past Event

1st International Conference on Empathic Architecture

Petra Christian University

Surabaya, September 11th - 12th, 2014

Department of Architecture at Petra Christian University hosted the 1st International Conference on Empathic Architecture in 2014. The main topic is empathic architecture, with sub-topics of: technology, culture, and architecture education.


Empathy is the action of deeply understanding other feelings or experiences as if we feel or experience the same issue. Whilst “Empathic Architecture” is when architect decides the best solution for a design problem to make the designer and the user practically the same person.


Environment is in rapid change that affects every aspects of human life, including knowledge and culture. Knowledge develops very quickly, ranging from concepts to products. Whilst on the cultural side, there is rapid progress on people’s perception toward architecture, ethnicity architecture behavior, and products of architecture. Later, a question arises on how cultural identity might be maintained within modernity. Empathic architecture could be one of the answers.


Empathy is not always found in architecture products, as architects pay more attention on aesthetic, function, structure and economic aspects of the products. At the end, users are always been objects.


1st ICEA Field Trip


Accepted papers were published in ICEA proceeding (ISBN) while selected papers are published in Dimensi: Journal of Architecture and Built Environment and JAU (Journal of Architecture and Urbanism).


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